Our Mission

Make the world a
better place

Our objective is to give the chance to all those who wish to help their neighbors. Social involvement is at the heart of our mission. We know that finding solutions to various social problems requires community action. Help us promote good deeds to create a better world together.
Rachel Lapierre Copyright Photo Cindy Boyce
Sowing Empathy

Every Gesture Counts

What is Le Book Humanitaire? A lot of donors, volunteers, thinkers. Le Book Humanitaire is all of you. It's a movement of the heart and, without you, none of this would be possible. Together, we can really make a difference.

Rachel Lapierre

President of the Book


Promote mutual aid and peace in the world
We raise public awareness of the principles of mutual aid, social justice and respect for the dignity of vulnerable people. It is essential to put forward the good deeds of each other. We also promote caring through speaking at corporate events and in schools.


Contribute to the well-being and emancipation of
Le Book Humanitaire is a first-line emergency service for all members of the community in social distress. Through its initiatives, activities and programs that it makes available to the public, the Book contributes to creating a better place for everyone.


Improve the quality of life of people in need.
We offer the chance to all those who wish to help improve the fate of people in need. We operate a group of about 80 active volunteers on a regular basis and work with an incredible number of people who participate in our occasional activities. Becoming a volunteer allows the emancipation of oneself as well of those we help.
In Memoriam

the work of

Mother Theresa

Rachel, president of Le Book Humanitaire, had the privilege of helping in the streets of Calcutta with the right arms of Mother Teresa. Today, it is mostly in Saint-Jérôme and in the Laurentians that the Book pursues the mission by giving the opportunity to the rich to reach the poor.

The poor don't need pity, but rather love and compassion

—Mother Teresa