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The headquarters of Saint-Jérôme's Le Book Humanitaire opens its doors to all people in nee, Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and Friday from 9 am to 12 pm. We participate in the fight against social exclusion by taking into account the elderly, homeless people, people in the criminal justice system, people suffering from mental health problems, refugees in an irregular situation and various minority social groups.
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Le Book Humanitaire

215 rue Briere
J7Y 3A7

You Are Important

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Thanks to the participation of volunteers and various local businesses and organisms, we collect donations and redistribute them in order to meet the essential needs of the most disadvantaged. All of our services are free and non-judgmental. We help people spontaneously and punctually because benevolence is at the heart of our mission.
Community Support

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The Book contributes to the social reintegration of people in vulnerable situations through referral and support to specialized resources. Among other things, we direct them towards integration into a detoxification program, mental health services, emergency housing resources, and so on. We respond to multiple emergencies at all times. We defuse crisis situations when they arise in order to negotiate an action plan with the person.